Retrieve your most precious possessions

Founded in 1978, ID-Find is a Swiss company specialized in securing high-value personal goods. We are offering you a service which allows you to retrieve everything close to your heart. Simply tag your belongings and we will do the rest. ID-Find guarantees you security and peace of mind thanks to a reliable, practical and robust product.

The ID-Find service


If someone finds an object with an ID-Find tag, they will let us know. Our service team takes care of the rest.



As soon as your object is found we will contact you.



It doesn’t matter where your object is found; our service team organizes its return.


Your personal data does not appear on any of our products.

ID-Find on video

Why choose ID-Find ?

Since the company’s creation in 1978


People have used
our services


Of lost objects have
been found


Objects have been
returned to their owners